Taste It: Inxs - The Collection

Tracks: 18, total time: 69:03, year: 2006, genre: Pop

1.3:54Bitter Tears
2.4:11Faith In Each Other
3.3:40Who Pays The Price
4.4:09Hear That Sound
5.3:51Shining Star
6.3:24Taste It
7.3:20All Around
8.3:27Whishig Well
9.4:11Strange Desire
10.3:05Please (You Got That...)
11.3:02Kill The Pain
12.3:34I'm Looking
13.3:31Cut Your Roses Down
14.3:55The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)
15.4:05Don't Lose Your Head
16.4:13Shake The Tree
17.3:58Girls On Fire
18.5:39We Are Thrown Together

Discid: newage / f7102d12

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