Tracks: 16, total time: 70:54, year: 2009, genre: New Age

1.5:09ENIGMA;01;Hello and Welcome;0:05:08.65
Hello and Welcome
2.5:59ENIGMA;02;Goodbye Milky Way;0:05:58.02
Goodbye Milky Way
3.3:28ENIGMA;03;Out From The Deep (Short Radio Edit);0:03:27.46
Out From The Deep (Short Radio Edit)
4.3:38ENIGMA;04;Push The Limits (ATB Radio Remix);0:03:37.13
Push The Limits (ATB Radio Remix)
5.3:14ENIGMA;05;Carly's Loneliness;0:03:13.29
Carly's Loneliness
6.1:28ENIGMA;06;Camera Obscura;0:01:27.86
Camera Obscura
7.4:04ENIGMA;07;T.N.T. For The Brain (Radio Edit);0:04:03.90
T.N.T. For The Brain (Radio Edit)
8.3:03ENIGMA;08;Return To Innocence (Short Radio Edit);0:03:02.42
Return To Innocence (Short Radio Edit)
9.8:53ENIGMA;09;I Love You... I'll Kill You;0:08:52.56
I Love You... I'll Kill You
10.3:43ENIGMA;10;Beyond The Invisible (Short Radio Edit)0;0:03:42.30
Beyond The Invisible (Short Radio Edit)
11.4:01ENIGMA;11;Gravity Of Love (Radio Edit);0:04:00.44
Gravity Of Love (Radio Edit)
12.5:30ENIGMA;12;Voyageur (Dance Mix);0:05:29.16
Voyageur (Dance Mix)
13.4:19ENIGMA;13;Je T'aime Till My Dying Day;0:04:18.92
Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
14.3:09ENIGMA;14;Principles Of Lust (Jazz Mix);0:03:08.40
Principles Of Lust (Jazz Mix)
15.6:42ENIGMA;15;Eppur Si Muove (Tocadisco Remix);0:06:41.34
Eppur Si Muove [Tocadisco Remix]
16.4:39ENIGMA;16;The Eyes Of Truth (Radio Edit);0:04:40.46
The Eyes Of Truth Radio Edit

Discid: newage / ed109c10

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