1990 - 2000 (CD n°2)

Tracks: 16, total time: 72:14, year: 2000, genre: New Age

1.4:26Callas want away
2.4:24Shadows in silence
3.6:58The eyes of truth
4.3:25Sadeness (reprise)
5.4:25Knocking on forbiden doors
6.6:27Push the limits
7.4:30T.N.T. for the brain
8.5:44Silent warrior
10.4:15Snow of the Sahara
11.4:04By the moon
12.3:37Almost full moon (radio version)
13.4:42Smell of desire
14.5:39Ancient person of my heart
15.2:39The dream of the dolphin
16.2:16Outro - The cross of changes

Discid: newage / de10ec10

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