Greatest Hits CD 2 (XRCD)

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:34, year: 2008, genre: New Age

1.7:19    The Eyes Of Truth
2.4:20    Return To Innocence
3.0:25    Third Of Its Kind
4.5:06    Why
5.5:02    Prism Of Life
6.2:18    Second Chapter
7.8:57    I Love You I'll Kill You
8.2:29    The Cross Of Changes
9.6:14    Silent Warrior
10.3:32    Almost Full Moon
11.3:45    The Roundabout
12.5:06    Beyond The Invisible
13.2:52    The Dream Of The Dolphin
14.5:26    Age Of Loneliness
15.4:57    Out From The Deep
16.5:52    Morphing Thru Time

Category: newage - Discid: dd113c10

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