A hard day´s night

Tracks: 13, total time: 29:38, year: 1964, genre: Oldies

YEAR: 1964

1.2:28    A hard day´s night
2.2:40    I should have known better
3.2:18    If I fell
4.1:55    I´m happy just to dance with you
5.2:28    And I love her
6.2:06    Tell me why
7.2:11    Can´t buy me love
8.2:10    Any time at all
9.1:44    I´ll cry instead
10.2:34    Things we said today
11.2:15    When I get home
12.2:33    You can´t do that
13.2:18    I´ll be back

Category: newage - Discid: b906f00d

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