Clutching At Straws [2018 Limited Edition Remaster](Disc 4) Demos

Tracks: 13, total time: 68:23, year: 1987, genre: Progressive Rock

1.4:54Beaujolais Day
2.6:50Story From a Thin Wall
3.2:10Shadows on the Barley
4.5:32Exile on Princes Street
5.4:24Sunset Hill
6.3:02Tic Tac Toe
7.3:32Voice in the Crowd
8.6:18White Russians (Demo)
9.5:58Sugar Mice in the Rain (Demo)
10.15:36Hotel Hobbies/Warm Wet Circles (The Mosaic Demos)
11.3:45Just For the Record (Demo)
12.2:01Torch Song (Demo)
13.4:22SlĂ inte Mhath (Demo)

Discid: newage / b510050d

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