Virtual Audio Project

19 Love

Tracks: 12, total time: 70:20, year: 1996, genre: New Age

1.6:58Direct 2 Brain - Love DS
2.8:49Sunrise - Technological feeling DS
3.5:32J.C. Pool - Virtual Sensations 3D
4.6:23U.P.I. - Hear me breathe again DS
5.5:40Liquid Glue - Ancient love DS
6.4:35Synopsys - Heart-Bit DS
7.6:11Direct 2 Brain - Sweet desire 3D
8.5:36Nexus - Siren Song DS
9.7:02Randomity - Mixed emotions 3D
10.5:02MG Atmosphere - Silent feelings DS
11.7:22Levyatan - The light of love 3D
12.1:07Holophonic Effects - Waterfall 3D

Discid: newage / a9107a0c

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