!ntelligent Electro Pop

Tracks: 13, total time: 63:59, year: 2002, genre: Electronic

1.4:10Codename Sugar / Loser
2.5:11Dark Distant Spaces / 1000 Times (and more...)
3.5:10AFO - All For One / Finding Myself
4.4:05Neues Kombinat / Consumer Baby
5.5:19Codename Sugar / Instead
6.5:22Mother Motor vs Josee B / You´re Logic
7.4:29Dark Distant Spaces / A Smile
8.4:01Neues Kombinat / Neon
9.4:59AFO - All For One / The Stars
10.4:33NF Brooks / Never Ever
11.4:08L`Image Synthétique / Away (Remixed By DJ RAM & Monopoly)
12.5:41Das Kombinat / Mein "troisième voix" (Remix By Celluloide)
13.6:54Mother Motor / Oceans

Discid: newage / 9e0efd0d

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