Various Artists

"Flowers" - Vol. 32

Tracks: 12, total time: 60:48, year: 1993, genre: Easy Listening

YEAR: 1993

1.0:15Mario Rosini / Aura sonora
2.4:53Mario Rosini / Nevea
3.5:36Danny Heines / Every island
4.4:17Mind Over Matter / The lotus is opening
5.5:02Coolangubra / Beverly
6.5:27Michael Deep / Those eyes
7.4:40Sedona May Kemp / Midnight mist
8.4:17Craig Chaquico / Gipsy nights
9.4:29Digital Experience / Masquerade
10.5:19Flesh and Bone / Fisherman's song
11.7:24Rara Avis / Turkiss
12.9:11Dead Can Dance / How fortunate the man with none

Discid: newage / 8a0e3e0c

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