The Dusted Variations (15 Years After - The Bonus CD)

Tracks: 9, total time: 49:00, year: 2005, genre: Ambient

This Special Remix-CD was included in the official ENIGMA "15 Years After" Box-Set, which was released in December 2005.
The CD contains the new ENIGMA-Single "Hello & Welcome", which will be released in beginning of 2006 AND very classical
re-interpretations of ENIGMA-Hymns, mixed by Rollo (mastermind of FAITHLESS)

1.3:56    Hello & Welcome (The Single)
2.4:18    The Cild In Us (Dusted Remix)
3.5:24    Age Of Loneliness (Dusted Remix)
4.9:03    Eyes Of Truth (Dusted Remix)
5.6:57    Rivers Of Belief (Dusted Remix)
6.5:29    Endless Quest (Dusted Remix)
7.7:35    Sadeness Part 1 (Dusted Remix)
8.1:42    Voyageur (Dusted Remix)
9.4:37    Beyond The Invisible (Dusted Remix)

Category: newage - Discid: 820b7a09

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