Amnesiac [Reissued 2009 - Disc 1]

Tracks: 11, total time: 43:57, year: 2001, genre: Alternative Rock

YEAR: 2001

1.4:01Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
2.4:49Pyramid Song
3.4:08Pulk--Pull Revolving Doors
4.3:11You and Whose Army
5.4:54I Might Be Wrong
6.4:15Knives Out
7.3:15Morning Bell--Amnesiac
8.4:52Dollars & Cents
9.2:02Hunting Bears
10.3:58Like Spinning Plates
11.4:33Life in a Glasshouse

Discid: newage / 820a4b0b

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