The Beatles

A history of the Beatles live shows 1957-1966

Tracks: 25, total time: 77:55, year: 1992, genre: BritPop

1.1:28    Twist and shout
2.2:43    That 'll be the day
3.2:53    Hallelujah i love her so
4.2:27    The one after 909
5.1:41    I'll follow the sun
6.4:30    Some other guy
7.5:08    A taste of honey
8.2:43    I'm talking about you
9.3:50    I saw her standing there
10.2:59    You really got a hold on me
11.4:42    Till there was you
12.2:41    Twist and shout
13.3:21    She loves you
14.2:02    Money ( that's what i want )
15.3:22    This boy
16.2:24    I wanna hold your hand
17.3:10    All my loving
18.2:40    I saw her standing there
19.4:38    From me to you
20.2:36    Twist and shout
21.3:14    Please please me
22.2:21    She loves you
23.4:04    I saw her standing there
24.4:15    Roll over Beethoven
25.2:11    Can't buy me love

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