Various Artists

1 Year - Ambient

Tracks: 8, total time: 72:41, year: 1993, genre: Electronic

1.8:24Air / Je Suis Seule Et Triste Ici
2.5:03Sad World / Apadana
(Dr. Atmo/Ramin)
3.9:15Dreamfish / Fishology
4.6:12The Fires Of Ork / The Fires of Ork II
5.15:09Sextant / Live At XS 1
6.3:41Romantic Warrior / Space Shuttle
7.21:52Silence / Omid, Hope
(Namlook/Dr. Atmo)
8.3:05Namlook / Silence

Discid: newage / 68110708

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