Kate Bush

Aerial - A Sea Of Honey

Tracks: 7, total time: 38:04, year: 2005, genre: Alternative

Location: ; UPC: 094634396028; Catalogue number: 0946 3 43960 2 8; Label: EMI; ASIN: B000BEPLUE; Release Date: 200511 07; Discogs: a85929,m28811,r559101; MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID: f205627f-b70a-409d-adbe-66289b614e80; AMG:MN0000855423,MW0000347992;

1.4:54King Of The Mountain
4.5:59Mrs. Bartolozzi
5.5:33How To Be Invisible
7.6:11A Coral Room

Discid: newage / 5908ea07

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