Raretrax 2

Tracks: 19, total time: 79:01, year: 2002, genre: AlternRock

YEAR: 2002 ID3G: 40

1.5:25Comfortably numb
2.4:06Black star
3.4:56Dollar and Cents (Theatre Antique D'Arles, France, 13.6.00 - 07)
4.5:09Egyptian song
6.4:39The Trickster
7.3:19Lewis (Mistreated)
9.2:26Sing a song for you
10.3:17Something (Beatles Cover)
11.6:48Street spirit (paul oakenfold remix)
12.1:45You Never Wash Up After Yourself
13.3:54I Promise
14.3:52Save the world (Radiohead & The Verve)
15.4:17Talk Show Host
16.4:29Subterranean Homesick Alien (Acoustic - rare)
18.4:39True love waits (live)
19.3:55This Mess We're In (Radiohead & P J Harvey)

Discid: newage / 2c128313

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