The Screen Behind The Mirror

Tracks: 19, total time: 79:56, year: 2000, genre:

1.2:04The Gate
2.6:27Push The Limits
3.3:59Gravity Of Love
4.4:58Smell Of Desire
5.3:51Modern Crusaders
6.4:12Traces (Light And Weight)
7.3:59The Screen Behind The Mirror
8.3:07Endless Quest
9.1:28Camera Obscura
10.4:10Between Mind & Heart
11.5:18Silence Must Be Heard
12.4:15Return To Innocence
13.7:11The Eyes Of Truth
14.4:59Beyond The Invisible
15.2:24The Cross Of Changes
17.4:14Snow Of The Sahara
18.4:52Out From The Deep
19.3:34The Roundabout

Discid: newage / 1b12ba13

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