Chemistry CD1

Tracks: 18, total time: 63:50, year: 1999, genre: Psychedelic Rock

1.3:46    The World Is Cold Without You
2.3:04    Aline Cherie
3.6:06    Love Suite
4.2:37    Jacqueline
5.3:05    Pascale
6.4:57    Restless Wind
7.3:40    What Are We Gonna Do Now
8.4:33    Black Flower
9.3:36    Illinois
10.3:40    I Talk To My Room
11.2:13    Allison Smith
12.3:36    The Face At The Window
13.3:14    Shine
14.3:21    Pentecost Hotel
15.2:50    Rainbow Chaser (alternative version)
16.3:51    Since We Have Been Apart
17.2:40    Excerpt From "The Blind And The Beautiful"
18.3:04    Two Of A Kind

Category: newage - Discid: 020ef412

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