Elton John

1095 Best of

Tracks: 18, total time: 74:04, year: 1997, genre:

1.3:49Candle in the wind
3.3:15Goodbye yello brick road
4.4:30Don´t go breaking my heart
5.4:44I guess that´s why they call it the blues
6.3:04I´m still standing
7.3:59Something about the way you look tonight
8.3:54Kiss the pride
11.3:14Part time love
13.4:24Easier to walk away
14.4:54You gotta love someone
15.3:27Blue eyes
16.4:52Circle of life
17.3:59I don´t wanna go on with you like that
18.4:08Candle in the wind ´97

Discid: misc / f9115a12

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