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Tracks: 18, total time: 57:23, year: 2007, genre: Vocal

2.2:21People: Eddie Izzard (p.6)
3.1:54World View: The bill, please (p.11)
4.1:21Closer look: Smoking in Britain
5.2:04World View: The art of exploitation (p.8)
6.3:18Politics: Transatlantic opening (see p.14)
7.3:52Everyday english: Dating (see p.59)
8.1:52Debate: Do children need to be raised by two parents? (see p.20)
9.5:21Britain today (p.12)
11.2:06Spoken english: Phrasal verbs (see p.64)
12.2:18Travel: Christopher Somerville (see p.34)
13.2:54Vocabulary: In the garden (see p.54)
14.4:48Peggy's place (p.58)
15.1:49Back to basics (p.56)
16.4:30American life (p.50)
17.5:25Arts: Lake Wobegon Days by Garrison Keillor (see p.44)

Discid: misc / f80d7112

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