Forever Gold

Tracks: 17, total time: 79:06, year: 1999, genre: Pop

1.6:26    No Ordinary Love
2.5:24    Jesebel
3.5:29    Why Can't We Live Together
4.3:56    Paradise
5.4:58    Smooth Operator
6.5:21    Cherish The Day
7.3:58    Your Love Is King
8.4:30    The Sweet Taboo
9.6:14    Is It A Crime
10.5:09    Turn My Back On You
11.3:14    Feel No Pain
12.4:29    Hang On To Your Love
13.4:09    Kiss Of Life
14.4:06    Love Is Stronger Than Pride
15.4:48    Never As Good As A First Time
16.3:26    When Am I Gonna Make A Living
17.3:34    Please, Send Me Someone To Love

Category: misc - Discid: f4128811

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