Box Tops

Cry Like A Baby

Tracks: 16, total time: 45:17, year: , genre: Oldies

1.2:36    Cry Like A Baby
2.2:13    Deep In Kentucky
3.3:07    I'm The One For You
4.3:06    Weeping Analeah
5.2:36    Every Time
6.2:53    Fields Of Clover
7.2:18    Trouble With Sam
8.2:30    Lost
9.3:41    Good Morning Dear
10.2:19    727
11.3:46    You Keep Me Hanging On
12.2:36    Cry Like A Baby (Single Version)
13.2:42    The Door You Closed To Me
14.2:56    You Keep Tightening Up On Me
15.3:27    Come On Honey
16.2:34    Take Me To Your Heart

Category: misc - Discid: ee0a9b10

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