The Metal Mass Live In Oberhausen

Tracks: 16, total time: 79:40, year: 2016, genre: Power Metal

1.7:35Blessed & Possessed
2.4:38Coleus Sanctus
3.4:52Amen & Attack
4.4:34Cardinal Sin
5.4:57Army Of The Night
6.6:01Resurrection By Erection
7.5:30Armata Strigoi
8.3:36Dead Boys Don't Cry
9.4:38Let There Be Night
10.5:25Werewolves Of Armenia
11.3:46In The Name Of God
12.5:49We Drink Your Blood
13.5:38Lupus Dei
14.4:25Sanctified With Dynamite
16.4:23All We Need Is Blood

Discid: misc / ed12aa10

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