the John Francis

The Unspoken Rules of Frontier Justice

Tracks: 16, total time: 52:39, year: 2008, genre: avant garde

1.3:32Stolen from the theme song
2.2:44Instead of a new beginning
3.1:01Under a near future state of drift
4.5:06Learning to identify with horses and villains
5.5:48Middle chapter, cumulus heritage
6.2:47The instant of contact is the change you'll see
7.3:26Unthem me
8.4:472001 in 1987
9.1:22Laughing is after drilling
10.2:29Aquiet, out of the way
11.2:28Peace offering rejector
12.3:42In a better year a dance sensation
13.1:27Against an orange getaway
14.0:59A dance sensation
15.1:40For the children
16.9:24One future for a lifer

Discid: misc / eb0c5510

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