Mr. Hyde

Barn Of The Naked Dead (Advance Promo)

Tracks: 18, total time: 56:34, year: 2004, genre: Hip Hop

1.0:30    Intro
2.3:15    On The Prowl
3.3:52    Say My Name (Feat. Little Brittany)
4.4:12    The Crazies (Feat. Goretex, Ill Bill & Necro)
5.3:50    Barn Of The Naked Dead
6.4:19    Spill Your Blood
7.3:54    Knife In Your Spine (Satanic Wordplay) (Feat. Necro)
8.3:56    Malignant Messiah
9.3:42    Street Veteran Part 2 (Feat. Ill Bill & Necro)
10.3:04    Weapons Of Mass Destruction
11.0:37    Bums Intro (Kid Joe)
12.3:38    Bums (Feat. Necro & Uncle Howie)
13.3:39    Death Sentence (Feat. Sabac)
14.4:00    Married To Pain
15.1:03    Beesh (Malaki Skit)
16.2:57    Buggin' Out (Feat. Kid Joe)
17.5:15    Them (Feat. Necro, Ill Bill & Goretex)
18.0:56    Outro

Category: misc - Discid: ea0d4012

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