Bruno Bertone Sound Orchester

Romantische Welterfolge - CD4

Tracks: 16, total time: 54:21, year: 1996, genre: Instrumental

ID3G: 33 YEAR: 1996

1.3:03    Kiss And Say Goodbye
2.4:50    Wind Beneath My Wings
3.3:50    No More Lonely Nights
4.3:00    My Name Is Nobody
5.3:29    River Kwai March
6.2:42    Guitar Tango
7.3:56    Old Folks At Home
8.3:12    When A Man Loves A Woman
9.3:16    Theme from -The Godfather-
10.2:37    When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
11.3:06    Song For Sandy
12.4:25    I Just Called To Say I Love You
13.4:15    Fly Away
14.2:46    Atlantis
15.4:04    Hello
16.1:52    Melissa

Category: misc - Discid: ea0cbb10

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