Mr. Marcelo (From The Ghetto)

Brick Livin

Tracks: 18, total time: 62:57, year: 2000, genre: Rap

1.2:11    How U Like It (feat. Master P & XL)
2.4:11    Somet'in (feat. Krazy)
3.3:47    Hold Up (feat. Erica Fox)
4.3:16    Ha Brah (feat. Wango, Doe-Doe & Big Roe)
5.3:36    Live By It (feat. Mac)
6.2:48    GTO (feat. C-Murder)
7.2:24    Wildin (feat. Master P)
8.3:15    Let's Do It (feat. The Ghetto Commission)
9.2:50    Live It Up (feat. Ke-Noe)
10.3:28    Hot Shit
11.4:17    Sound Da Alarm (feat. Jacko, Doe-Doe & Big Roe)
12.4:09    Brick Livin
13.3:30    Y'all N's
14.3:03    Soldiers For Life (feat. Sam & DIG)
15.4:36    U Never Know
16.4:08    Southern Funk
17.3:46    Me & My Girl (feat. Marijuana)
18.3:46    187 (feat. Badd Boyz)

Category: misc - Discid: e70ebf12

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