Chris Andrews

Greatest Hits

Tracks: 16, total time: 44:43, year: , genre:

1.2:41    Pretty Belinda
2.2:39    To whom it concerns
3.2:33    Yesterday man
4.3:21    I love ya
5.3:12    Watcha gonna do now
6.2:22    Something on my mind
7.2:31    Long live love
8.2:09    First time
9.3:48    Do you wanna love me
10.2:18    Stop that girl
11.2:28    Carol oh
12.3:14    Silver lining
13.2:52    Sugar daddy
14.2:58    Brown eyes
15.2:34    They've all got their eyes on you
16.3:05    Lazy days

Category: misc - Discid: e70a7910

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