Red Hot Chili Peppers

Slap Happy

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:53, year: 1995, genre: AlternRock

1.7:34Give It Away (Live)
2.4:07Suck My Kiss (Live)
3.4:49Aeroplane (Live)
4.5:35Warped (Live)
5.6:09Walkabout (Live)
6.5:16Come As You Are / Backwoods (Live)
7.5:24My Friends (Live)
8.1:06Sweet Home Alabama (Live)
9.3:28Coffee Shop (Live)
10.4:40Sound And Vision / Higher Ground (Live)
11.0:54Hey Joe (Live)
12.5:37Transcending (Live)
13.2:03Pea (Live)
14.5:30Under The Bridge (Live)
15.7:03Deep Kick (Live)
16.4:44Suffragette City (Live)

Discid: misc / e5114f10

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