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Tracks: 18, total time: 74:37, year: 0, genre:

1.4:06    Beautiful Day
2.4:38    I still haven´t found what I´m looking for
3.3:50    Pride (in the name of love)
4.4:57    With or without you
5.3:12    Vertigo
6.4:19    New Year´s Day
7.4:03    Mystirious ways
8.4:33    Stuck in a moment you can´t get out
9.4:48    Where the streets have no name
10.3:02    Sweetest thing
11.4:41    Sunday bloody Sunday
12.4:37    One
13.3:00    Desire
14.4:30    Walk on
15.3:49    Elevation
16.5:07    Sometimes you can´t make it on your own
17.3:23    The saints are comming
18.4:07    Window in the skies

Category: misc - Discid: e3117b12

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