Mylene Farmer & Seal

Les mots

Tracks: 15, total time: 68:39, year: , genre:

Year: 2002Disc Number: 314

1.4:53Mylene Farmer / Les Mots (single version)
2.4:31Seal / Adios Ayer (fresh mix)
3.4:19Mylene Farmer / C'est Une Belle Journee
4.4:47Seal / This Could Be Heaving
5.5:06Mylene Farmer / L'histoire D'une Fee.C'est
6.4:19Seal / Just Like You Side
7.4:34Mylene Farmer / Pardonne-Moi (2001)
8.4:18Seal / Fly Like An Eagle (remix)
9.4:03Mylene Farmer / Souviens Toi Du Jour (royal c's radio mix)
10.3:42Seal / Kiss From A Rose (world mix)
11.6:09Mylene Farmer / California (wandering mix)
12.4:17Seal / When A √Ćan Is Wrong
13.4:51Mylene Farmer / Ainsi Soit Je... (lamentations)
14.4:50Mylene Farmer / Les Mots (strings for souls mix)
15.4:02Mylene Farmer / Comme J'ai Mal (instrumental version)

Discid: misc / df10150f

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