Bruno Bertone Sound Orchester

Romantische Welterfolge

Tracks: 15, total time: 46:37, year: , genre: Opera

ID3G: 103

1.2:43    Don't it make my brown eyes blue
2.3:22    Greensleeves
3.2:32    Que sera
4.2:26    Me and my Shadow
5.2:36    I cant give you anything but love
6.3:01    Amazing grace
7.2:34    Around the world
8.2:46    Annies song
9.2:27    Cast your fate to the wind
10.2:36    Unchained melody
11.3:02    Laras theme
12.4:37    Largo
13.2:50    Dankeschön
14.3:17    Down by the riverside
15.2:50    The last farewell
16.3:02    Il Silenzio

Category: misc - Discid: df0aeb10

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