Bruce Springsteen

13-06-05 - München - Olympiahalle

Tracks: 15, total time: 77:16, year: 2005, genre: Acoustic

YEAR: 2005

1.1:31Bruce Springsteen / Crowd Noise / Intro Speech
2.5:00Bruce Springsteen / Into The Fire
3.6:14Bruce Springsteen / Reason To Believe
4.5:10Bruce Springsteen / Devils And Dust
5.4:02Bruce Springsteen / Lucky Town
6.4:47Bruce Springsteen / Long Time Comin'
7.5:14Bruce Springsteen / Black Cowboys
8.7:08Bruce Springsteen / The River
9.4:43Bruce Springsteen / Book Of Dreams
10.4:35Bruce Springsteen / State Trooper
11.6:04Bruce Springsteen / Maria's Bed
12.5:15Bruce Springsteen / Nebraska
13.5:00Bruce Springsteen / Reno
14.7:12Bruce Springsteen / Point Blank
15.5:21Bruce Springsteen / Real World

Discid: misc / db121a0f

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