Alternative Collection

Tracks: 16, total time: 74:37, year: 2002, genre: Alternative

1.0:37    Sand
2.7:43    Welcome To The Fold
3.5:05    It's Gonna Kill Me
4.4:27    The Best Thing
5.6:05    Take A Picture
6.3:25    I Will Lead You
7.5:52    I'm not The Only One
8.4:36    You Walk Away
9.3:40    American Cliche
10.5:37    Where Do We Go From Here
11.5:46    Skinny
12.4:49    The Missing
13.5:15    The Only Way
14.4:07    My Long Walk to Jail
15.3:24    So I Quit
16.4:12    God Damn Me

Category: misc - Discid: db117b10

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