Ozzy Osbourne

Richfield Coliseum Cleveland 09-04-86

Tracks: 14, total time: 79:35, year: 1986, genre: Hard Rock

1.2:36    Intro
2.4:47    Bark At The Moon
3.4:15    Suicide Solution
4.4:46    Never Know Why
5.5:45    Mr Crowley
6.5:13    Shot In The Dark
7.5:38    I Don't Know
8.10:41    Killer Of Giants
9.3:51    Thank God For The Bomb
10.5:00    Flying High Again
11.10:45    Secret Loser Incl Drum Solo
12.4:47    Iron Man
13.7:07    Crazy Train
14.4:26    Paranoid

Category: misc - Discid: d812a50e

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