2000 Bonnie & Clyde

Tracks: 14, total time: 53:57, year: 2000, genre: Hip-Hop

1.1:06    Maximum Pressure Inro
2.3:26    Role Model
3.1:17    Ken Kaniff
4.5:00    No One's Iller Feat. Bizzare, Fuzz & Swifty
5.4:00    Slim Anus Feat. I.C.P. (Insane Clown Posse)
6.1:02    Ken Kaniff-MMLP
7.7:42    Just Rhymin Feat. MC Proof
8.4:19    Get U Mad
9.4:34    Shit On You Feat. D-12
10.3:00    Bitterphobia
11.4:03    Rhymin Wordz Feat. Stretch Armstrong
12.4:58    Dead Wrong
13.5:14    Turn Me Loose Feat. Limp Bizkit
14.4:19    Just The Two Of Us

Category: misc - Discid: d70ca30e

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