Greatest hits (30th anniversary edition)

Tracks: 15, total time: 48:12, year: 2006, genre: Etranger

1.4:15Fernando (1976)
2.3:23SOS (1975)
3.3:21He is your brother (1972)
4.3:07Ring ring (1973)
5.3:13Hasta maƱana (1974)
6.2:53Nina, pretty ballerina (1973)
7.2:58Honey, honey (1974)
8.3:11So long (1974)
9.3:18I do, I do, I do, I do, I do (1975)
10.2:47People need love (1972)
11.3:05Bang-a-boomerang (1975)
12.3:14Another town, another train (1973)
13.3:34Mamma mia (1975)
14.3:13Dance (While the music still goes on) (1974)
15.2:43Waterloo (1974)

Discid: misc / d60b4a0f

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