Rage Against The Machine

Bombtracks 1 - Studio

Tracks: 14, total time: 72:28, year: , genre: Trailer

ID3G: 70

1.7:38Center Of The Storm (w Roni Size)
2.4:06No Shelter
4.5:47The Ghost Of Tom Joad
5.7:23Hadda Been Playin On The Jukebox
6.4:38CIA (w KRS 1 & Last Emporer)
7.4:16Burned Hollywood Burned (w-Public Enemy)
8.6:08Snoop Bounce (w Snoop Dog)
9.3:44Mumia 911
10.4:25The Narrows (Demo)
11.4:04Mind Set A Threat (Demo)
12.4:14Auto Logic (Demo)
13.4:45The Warriors (Demo)
14.7:39Judgement Night (w-Tool)

Discid: misc / d510fa0e

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