The Munich Concert (CD 1)

Tracks: 15, total time: 68:48, year: 2001, genre: Rock

World Tour 2001
Alle Lieder des Konzerts in M√ľnchen vom 16. Juli

1.3:12    Seven Bridges Road
2.5:02    The Long Run
3.5:09    New Kid In Town
4.5:11    Wasted Time
5.4:27    Peaceful Easy Feeling
6.4:23    Pretty Maids All In A Row
7.4:04    Love Will Keep Us Alive
8.4:47    The Boys Of Summer
9.3:52    Take It To The Limit
10.4:58    The Best Of My Love
11.4:18    Already Gone
12.4:02    In The City
13.4:53    One Of These Nights
14.4:13    Witchy Woman
15.6:20    Lyin' Eyes

Category: misc - Discid: d3101e0f

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