Meat Loaf

Back from hell

Tracks: 15, total time: 76:03, year: 1993, genre: Rock

1.9:45    Bat out of hell
2.5:05    You took the words right out of my mouth
3.5:26    Read 'em and weep
4.4:24    Modern girl
5.4:23    Dead ringer for love
6.4:22    Surf's up
7.4:42    Heaven can wait
8.5:16    I'm gonna love her for booth of us
9.8:27    Paradise by the dashboard light
10.5:25    Two out of three aint't bad
11.3:34    More than you deserve
12.5:01    Rock'n'Roll mercenaries
13.3:33    Blind before I stop
14.3:43    I love you so I told you a lie
15.3:00    Hot patootie - Bless my soul

Category: misc - Discid: d211d10f

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