Live in Woodstock

Tracks: 15, total time: 66:41, year: 1993, genre: Rock

1.2:36    Ah, Sunflower Weary of Time
2.6:28    The Freak-Out Tent
3.6:00    Horses in the Stream
4.4:03    Nothing
5.2:59    Workers of the World Relax
6.5:13    Crystal Liaison
7.5:32    Auguries of Innocence
8.4:28    New Age Safe Sex
9.6:12    The Golden Songs of Tuli
10.3:05    Ballade of the League of Militant Agnostics
11.4:08    Cave
12.5:21    Nectar in the Wind
13.4:12    Dover Beach
14.3:32    But I Was Much Mistaken
15.2:54    Morning Morning

Category: misc - Discid: d20f9f0f

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