Singles Collection

Tracks: 15, total time: 73:56, year: 2002, genre: Pop

1.7:22    No ordinary love
2.4:19    Love is stronger than pride
3.5:35    Cherish the day
4.5:32    Jezebel
5.5:32    Why can't we live togrther
6.3:40    Like a tatoo
7.5:53    Haunt me
8.4:40    Frankies first affair
9.5:14    You're not the man
10.4:36    Pearle
11.4:16    I never thought I'd see
12.4:13    Fear
13.4:03    Clean heart
14.5:24    Sally
15.3:40    Please send me someone to love

Category: misc - Discid: cf11520f

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