Mr. B


Tracks: 16, total time: 38:35, year: 2019, genre: Chap-Hop

1.3:15    I Can't be Arsed
2.2:55    Kettled With You
3.2:38    Waiting Room Etiquette
4.3:35    You Don't Send Me Penis Growth Emails Anymore
5.2:20    Crumpet
6.2:28    Not Being Invited
7.1:50    Three Piece Suit and Sneakers
8.1:51    The Mystery of Bingocricket
9.1:59    Everybody Wants to Give Ice Cube a Cuddle
10.2:23    Barmy Fluid
11.1:45    Drunk
12.2:14    Sillybuggers
13.3:04    Bertie's Truth Bombs
14.2:21    Looking Forward to Leaving
15.1:26    Army of Robots
16.2:35    Can't be Arsed With a Coda

Category: misc - Discid: ce090910

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