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Tracks: 14, total time: 54:10, year: 1992, genre: Top 40

YEAR: 1992 ID3G: 60

1.3:48Shanice / I Love Your Smile
2.3:52Izabella / Shame, Shame, Shame
3.3:26Mr. Big / To Be With You
4.3:29Kym Sims / Too Blind To See It
5.4:012 Unlimited / Twilight Zone
6.4:14Amy Grant / That's What Love Is For
7.4:33Betsy Cook / Love Is The Groove
8.3:36Jenny Moris / Break In The Weather
9.3:40P.J.B. feat. Hannah And Her Sisters / Bridge Over Troubled Water
10.3:40Wet Wet Wet / Goodnight Girl
11.3:52The Land / Round Round
12.4:13Black Box / Open Your Eyes
13.4:16Gary Moore / Cold Day In Hell
14.3:33Kenyatta / Love Again

Discid: misc / cb0cb00e

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