Rage Against The Machine

Bombtracks 2 - Remixes & Live

Tracks: 16, total time: 73:46, year: , genre: Trailer

ID3G: 70

1.4:14Bombtrack (Remix)
2.4:24Testify (Rowena Projects Mix)
3.5:42Bullet In The Head (Sir Jinx Mix)
4.3:32Guerilla Radio (DJ Quick Mix)
5.4:13CIA (w KRS-1 & Last Emporer) (Rough Remix)
6.3:50Testify (Righteous Remix)
7.4:10Fuck the Police (Live)
8.3:50Zapata's Blood (Live)
9.3:43Black Steel (w Chuck D) (Live)
10.8:05Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox (Live)
11.6:16Producer (Live)
12.4:07Testify (Early Version Live)
13.7:02Bottom (w-Zach de la Rocha) (Live)
14.3:46Clampdown (Live)
15.4:00Hit The Deck (Live)
16.2:57End Of The Tunnel (Live)

Discid: misc / ca114810

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