102 Bible Songs Volume Two

Tracks: 29, total time: 60:21, year: 2002, genre: Contemporary Christian

1.2:21    Praise Him, Praise Him
2.2:05    Give Me Oil In My Lamp
3.1:50    Rise and Shine
4.4:17    Kum Ba Yah
5.1:04    Praise The Lord Together
6.1:36    Behold, Behold
7.2:18    I'm In The Lord's Army
8.1:55    I'm Gonna Sing
9.2:33    Jesus Is All The World To Me
10.1:53    Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes
11.4:08    Everybody Ought To Know
12.1:34    Love, Love
13.2:15    Blessed Be The Name
14.3:28    Heavenly Father I Appreciate You
15.2:20    Do Lord
16.4:03    Come Bless The Lord
17.2:16    The Lord Is My Shepherd
18.2:09    Alive, Alive
19.1:41    Great Is Your Love
20.1:41    Jesus, I Love You
21.1:44    What A Mighty God We Serve
22.1:27    How Great Is Our God
23.1:08    Come Let Us Gather
24.1:30    I Want To Know You, Lord
25.1:39    God Made Me
26.1:16    Chatter With The Angels
27.0:49    I Thank God For You
28.1:20    I Want To Stop
29.2:11    I Want To Walk With Jesus

Category: misc - Discid: ca0e231d

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