An Pierlé

Singles & Rarities + Live - CD2 - Live In Brussels, Paris & Hamburg

Tracks: 15, total time: 72:58, year: 2008, genre: Pop-Folk

YEAR: 2008

1.4:37    Tenderness (Live Brussells)
2.7:22    Medusa (Live Brussells)
3.3:48    Mexico (Live Brussells)
4.3:36    The Days Of Pearly Spencer (Live Brussells)
5.5:20    Sorry (Live Brussells)
6.4:49    Many Roads (Live Hamburg)
7.4:59    How Does It Feel? (Live Hamburg)
8.4:25    Helium Sunset (Live Hamburg)
9.5:43    Sing Song Sally (Live Hamburg)
10.5:23    Not The End (Live Hamburg)
11.4:45    Jupiter (Live Paris)
12.4:08    Good Year (Live Paris)
13.4:01    Snakesong (Live Paris)
14.4:25    Need you Now (Live Paris)
15.5:40    Mud Stories (Live Hamburg)

Category: misc - Discid: c711180f

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