Mark Schimick & the Ghost Driver String Band

Ain't No RecordsSpinning

Tracks: 16, total time: 54:26, year: 2006, genre: Folk

1.2:50    Grandaddy Take a Look at Uncle Sam
2.4:18    Little Lady P-nut
3.2:10    Trillium Part I
4.3:12    Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
5.6:36    Ain't No Records Spinning
6.3:12    30 Hours to Vail
7.2:24    Kennesaw Mountain
8.2:16    Katy Hill
9.3:32    Lyin' in the Dust
10.2:24    Mayflower Girl
11.5:33    Red's Greek, Jethro's Jewish
12.3:17    Where's Charlie?
13.3:01    Son of Atari
14.2:50    Watch & Chain
15.3:06    Sugar in the Gourd
16.3:48    How Great Thou Art

Category: misc - Discid: c70cc010

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