Marilyn Manson

Dancing With The Antichrist

Tracks: 15, total time: 63:01, year: , genre:

1.4:52My Monkey (Strange Daze Remix)
3.4:13Good Son
4.4:45Man Son Of Sam (Persian Mix)
5.2:55Rock N Roll
6.3:53Same Strange Dogma (At Home Mix)
7.4:27TV TV
8.2:12Standing In Line
9.3:23Telephone (Reversed Charge Remix)
10.5:006 Hard Months
11.4:23The Beautiful People (The WWF Remix)
12.3:54The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix)
13.8:05Kinderfeld (Korn Remix)
14.4:51Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)
15.4:27The Reflecting God (Dark View Mix)

Discid: misc / c40ec30f

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