Cotton fields

Tracks: 15, total time: 44:56, year: 1997, genre: Gospel

1.2:27    Get away Jordan
2.4:32    Cotton fields ( Leadbelly )
3.3:24    Then look away
4.3:08    Kumbaya
5.2:21    Hallelujah
6.2:22    Another year this time
7.3:54    I've been in storm so long
8.2:37    I wonder will my mother be on dat train
9.2:13    I'll fly away
10.3:02    The Lord's prayer
11.2:12    Run on for a long time
12.3:03    Oh, wasn't dat a wide river
13.2:47    Let us break bread together
14.2:56    Jericho
15.4:02    Hymn to freedom

Category: misc - Discid: c30a860f

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