Dance Remixes 2000

Tracks: 12, total time: 64:42, year: 2000, genre:

1.6:17Gravity of Love. Judgment Day Club Mix
2.7:22The Eyes of Truth. Twilight of Gods Mix
3.5:08Sadeness. Violent US Remix
4.6:00T.N.T. for the Brain. Midnight Man Remix
5.3:56Mea Culpa. Catholic Mix
6.5:36The Eyes of Truth. Dub Version
7.5:21Light of Your Smile. Single Track
8.3:09Endless Quest. Album Mix
9.6:42Gravity of Love. Dark Vocal Club Mix
10.5:05Sadeness. Extended Trance Mix
11.3:54Modern Crusade. Original Mix
12.6:14Mea Culpa. Fading Shades Mix

Discid: misc / c00f280c

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